Brief History

          Philippine College Foundation (PCF) is a nonstock, nonprofit, nonsectarian and service oriented educational institution whose objective is to develop students to become committed persons to serve the people of Mindanao, in particular, and the country, in general..

          It aims at serving the students who could not afford to cope with the rising cost of eduction, to improve the community by educating its citizens and to help in the process of nation building by beightening social and national consciousness.

          On the legal aspect, Section 89 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, provides that: "No part of its income is distributable as dividend to its members, trustees, or offices, and that any profit obtained incident to its operation shall be used for the furtherance of the pirpose or pirposes for which said institution was organized." The Board of Trustees should objectively adhere to this Code, for the betterment of the school, and abide by all the policies and circulars issued by the proper eductional authorities.

          Initialy, PCF did not operate on it own school building. It was transferring from one place to another becouse the original five (5) members of the Board of Trustees were not able to produce enough capital to establich a permanent school building: hence, it existed merely on rented rooms to maintain the normal class sessions. It was in Tenorio Building where the last classes were held befor transferring to a permanent building.

          This condition of the school operation discouraged majority of the members of the board of trustees to withdraw from the foundation. on august 5,1988, there was the reorganization of the board of trustees and new members were added. with the new composition of the board, a review of priority programs and directions were set as the basis for the strengthening and expansion of degree offerings. in this effort, Atty. Amable Sardia Pagonzaga was authorized to transact with the veterans bank for the lease of their property known as the Vista Inn at Purok 4, poblacion, Valenca Bukidnon. hes was able to convince the bank to lease it to PCF because of the lofty ideals of the school which is to serve the community. In due time, PCF had experienced holding classes in a permanent school site.

          In 1992, a generous citizen,Mr. Leonardo F. Dayyo, donated a two-hectare tract of land intended for the school campus. With this land, PCF can now move forward to meet the challenges of the year 2000. Mr Leonardo F. Dayyo,then, became the member of the board of trustees.

          In January 1997, one of the two remaining original members of the board of Trustees resigned from PCF.

          The construction of a 10-classroom building in accordance with the school's comprehensive plan at its new site, the two-hectare compound was to cater to the needs of the increasing number of students that warranted modern and updated facilities.

          At present, the philippine college foundation is an established institution. Its development includes the expansion of its academic programs not only in the basic education but also in the offerings to tertiary education and training the children of the marginalized sector of society.

          PCF had withstood the test of time. It is committed to help in the improvement of the quality of life of the less privileged sectors of society as its service to humanity. It will be inscribed in the minds and hearts of men and women,especially to the hardworking,diligent and indigent students, who became successful through the help of PCF.