The utmost goal of every higher education institution is to deliver competent and employable graduates. This measures the institution's potential to bring out job-ready individuals. From tie to time, schools are innovating strategies to attract clients and at the same timme answer the emerging questions on both conventional and flexible teaching and learning cycle especially in this unprecedented time. Nevertheless, school have duties to track their graduates to determin whether this programs have impacts on the lives of the students and even the community.

   Tracer studies are the most recognizable instruments worldwide in locating and gathering information about their graduates after they have left their alma mater. Tracer studies may help provide imformation in evaluating the results of education and training in the school. These infomation may serve as basis for curriculum improvement and develepment of the institution in the context of quality assurance.

   With these insights, this tracer study is made to assess the graduates of Philippine College Foundation in terms of employability as a metric of the institution's Mission: and help evaluate curricula's relevance and significance as mandated in Philippine Executive Order no. 83, s, 2012 (Office Gazette, 2012). This study aims to follow up the performance of Philippine College Foundation graduates as basis for curriculum enhancement Specifically, it will seek to

  1. present profile of the graduates in terms of demographics and employability.
  2. Explore the perceptions of the graduates towards competencies developed by the institution, value that are developed in their alma mater and the skills that should be further developed.

    Further, based on the Philippine Qualifications Framework National Coordinating Councill (PQF NCC) which is a collaboration of the DepEd, CHED, TESDA, PRC and DOLE reviews departmentally the learning requirements in basic education, technical skills grawth and higher education and in the coordination of licensing exams (PQF, 2020).

Dear Graduate,

This institution is establishing as system of tracing its graduates and getting feedback regarding the type of work, further study or other activity you are/were involved in since you completed your study from PCF. The information provide will assist the institution in planning future educational needs and improve the course offerings. Results of this tracer study will only be presented in summary form and individual response will be kept Striclty confidential. We would, therefore, highly appreciate if you could complete the following questionnaire and return it to us, at your earliest convenience..

Thank you for your kind cooperation and support...

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